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Westford Chainsaw Mills

Westford Chainsaw Mill Features:

Light Weight and Portable, Westford Mills are easily transported and used  Anywhere ........In the world!

Simple Design and highly Engineered Westford Portable Chainsaw Mills are easy to learn and use, start cutting In Minutes!
Versatile, There is simply no other Chainsaw Mill to compare with the Westford Rail Mill for the range of cutting options & sizes...Not to mention the price!

If you own a Chainsaw you are halfway to owning a Westford Chainsaw Mill, of course the bigger the saw the better!

Many Uses, Recovery and use of fallen trees on your property, Including "BURLS" Cutting of large slabs, Re-cutting to finished sizes.




Salvage of timber that was previously unrecoverable. Westford Portable Chainsaw Mills, specialize in the manufacture of portable mills using a chainsaw. Being lightweight and portable, old logged area's can be revisited and timber salvaged for building, furniture construction or re-sale. No heavy machinery required, no environmental damage, all you leave behind is the sawdust.

These are ideal for landowners in remote area's and have been priced so that they are equally affordable to Companies, individuals or communities.

High strength material has been used throughout for durability and for this reason Westford were recently awarded the "Australian Design Mark" for their product, exceeding all requirements of the judging panel.