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Malcolm Sells, Owner

Westford is a family owned and operated Business, these products are designed and built in our Perth Factory, who better to answer your questions?

Can I help with your Mill Queries? I will answer your questions by return Email, and post them here for others also......... Mal

Q. What are the minimum sizes of chainsaw required for your Rail Mill?
A. I would say an absolute minimum of 90cc and 36" Bar (bigger on both counts will allow a greater range of log sizes to be cut.
Q. Which chain do you recommend?
A Skip Tooth ripping Chain, i.e. Oregon 27RA
Q. How do I fix the rail of the rail mil to the log?
A Tek screws of a suitable length, may need packing level (for your 1st cut only)
Q. What power is needed for a Bar over 42" long?
A 120cc minimum
Q. My Rail Mill stopped cutting straight, what's wrong.?
A 99% of the time this is worn or badly sharpened chain
Q. How do I get the first cut with a slabbing mill?
A Use a ladder, steel frame or plank on top of the log and cut below it
Q. What is the maximum bar size for a 36" Slabbing Mill?
A 42" a 36" slabbing mill will cut a 31" slab ( rule of thumb is, size of mill minus 5" is maximum slab width)
Q. How long a bar can I use in the Rail Mill?
A 72"

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