Cutting Timber with Rail Mill ~ Page 2 of 3 ~

Chainsaw mills require a modified chainbar to enable the chainsaw to be mounted to the mill guide. Special chain-bars can be supplied with the chainsaw mill or a conventional chain-bar can be drilled for the mounting bolt. Chainsaw mills are often set up with longer chain-bars to give greater depth of cut.

After the mounting flange is attached to the chain bar, bolt the chainsaw to the mill guide. When setting the chainbar angle, ensure the chainsaw will achieve a full cut for the length of  the log, and there is sufficient clearance between the chainbar tip and the ground. It may be necessary to set the chainbar angle to cut into wooden gluts holding the log above the ground.

It may be worth adding a winch to large capacity chainsaws. This enables an operator to apply consistent cutting feed pressure without strain while on the opposite side of the log. A properly sharpened chainsaw self-aligns when cutting, eliminating the need for an operator to support the saw itself.

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